As an Education Consultant with more than 20 years experience assisting clients and students in diverse specialized areas such as finance, real estate and taxes, I feel passionate about teaching. I love to transfer practical and useful knowledge, exposing motivated learners to new concepts and ideas.

My mission with CommodityFutures.info is simple: to help you grasp and understand a sophisticated subject – such as futures trading – by creating this straightforward, easy-to-follow tutorial. Yet, as simple and  uncomplicated as this tutorial may seem, it is still a thorough and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.

Trading futures carries considerable risks. That’s the first thing anyone entering the futures markets should know. But it also has very compelling profit opportunities. People have made and continue to make tidy fortunes trading commodities.

Most people have some knowledge about the stock market, but very little or no knowledge at all about commodities. However, after reading this tutorial, you will be ahead of the curve. You will even know more about commodities than some people who are currently dabbling with them (but shouldn't be!).

Enjoy the tutorial!